Do you have a child that is “Strong-Willed” or “Energetic”; however, after a day with them you feel overwhelmed and exhausted? Oftentimes as parents we don’t know if it’s normal or something we should be worried about. 

You and your child should work with a Life’s Hope Counselor if………..

  • Your child is excessively lying
  • Defant, will not follow rules and says “no” and means it!
  • Too much screen time and you can't stop it
  • Food related issues
  • Disrespectful behaviors such as name calling, throwing things, hitting you.
  • Whining a lot, not matter who is in the room or where you are
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Bedtime routine issues
  • Aggression towards you, others and animals
  • Temper Tantrums
  • Excessive Worry
  • Issues at school
  • Bully behavior as the bully or being bullied

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How will Therapy help me and my Child?

Depending on why you and your child came to Life’s Hope, therapy will be targeting the specific concern(s) you brought to us. Also, we are systems counselors, in that we work with the whole system that is involved with your child. This means you, your child, the family, their school and anyone else who supports them. The goal of the counselor is to help your child deal with and support them as they work through their specific needs while also working with you so they can get back to a place that is peaceful and works for the family unit.